Dave A. – Inherited Koi Pond

“Thank you Nualgi Ponds for your great product and advice on how to take my pond from green to crystal clear! I highly recommend this product!” – Dave A.

Customer Dave A. inherited a koi pond when he moved into a new home. He was concerned with the clarity of the water so he reached out to us for help. With this inherited pond, his passion for koi fish grew until he had a wide variety.


Since starting Nualgi, Dave loves watching his koi swim in his renewed clear pond and he has been sharing his success on our Facebook page. We are always excited to see how great his pond is doing and look forward to more photos of his pond and his koi!


May 10, 2016

“The water is about 4.5 ft deep with Nualgi and NO UV; my pond is perfectly clear! Thanks Nualgi.”



“This stuff is GREAT!”



November 1, 2015

“I recommend this product, I moved into a home with a cement koi pond and never owning a koi pond I really had no idea what I was doing. It was like pea soup and I was having no luck with this product.  Nualgi Ponds gave me lots of pointers after following their advice and using their product look at it now! So happy with this product!”





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