Dave A. – “My fish are more active and plants are stronger and bigger!”

Learn more on how Dave realized that spending the big bucks month over month doesn't always produce the best results.

“An amazing product. Thanks, Nualgi ponds! – Dave A.”

27th June,2018

“I have spent over $600 the last 2 summers trying to get rid of this pea green algae.”

“I had planters around the pond and fertilized them with 10-10-10 fertilizer not thinking about the phosphate in it and in came a 3″ rain that night and flooded around the pots so we got the algae bloom.”

“I used Nualgi for the last month with no stress on our fish, we have 2 that are 20 years old. They all are more active than they have ever been and my plants are stronger and bigger.”

“$40 later and Nualgi for a month, you can see the results. I still have enough to last the rest of the summer.”


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