Customer Profile: Joe Guraro – How to Choose a Garden Bridge

We met Joe Guraro in the Koi Show in Fresno, CA where we gave him a sample of Nualgi Ponds for algae control.

As an expert in his field and a new customer, we wanted to feature his company Redwood Garden Bridges in CA to help you decide how to choose a garden pond bridge. In one dose his pond was clear of algae, even stating that it was crystal gin clear. Before Nualgi, he could not even see his fish because his pond was so full of algae blooms.

See pictures of his crystal clear pond water in the case study.

pond water garden bridge

Garden bridges come in several styles and when choosing a bridge there are many considerations for why and where it will be installed. An example, is it for a Koi pond, pool, creek, stream, or yard? Is it for pedestrians? Will the bridge have rails and will they be made of ropes, curved, spindles or double rails.

A bridge greatly enhances the vantage points from which to view your wonderful garden, pond, and Koi.

Joe Guraro

Designer/Builder Redwood Garden Bridges

Location: 9196 East Shaw, Clovis, CA

Mantra: “I’ve sent bridges as far away as Hawaii, Nova Scotia and up & down the East Coast. Bridges truly gives your pond and garden a complete look!”

Joe’s Mission: Redwood Garden Bridges works relentlessly to understand the needs of our market and customers. We strive to ensure that our customers are proud of their association with Redwood Garden Bridges based on our reputation for integrity, hard work and excellence.

redwood garden bridges logo

Why Use Redwood for Your Pond Bridge?

Redwood quality landscape architecture requites materials that are beautiful and long-lasting. They need to withstand environmental elements and retain their aesthetic purpose. When you use redwood your project simply looks better 10-20 years after construction. Redwood has decay and insect resistant properties that is throughout the lumber, not just on the surface like some bridges with an outer coating.

The bridges range from 4ft – 40ft long and generally should be a minimum 36in wide.

There are Many Different Types & Sizes of Pond Bridges Offered:

  • Short Post Garden Bridges (4-20ft)
  • Curved Rail Bridges (4-12ft)
  • Country Style Bridges (6-20ft)
  • Japanese Garden Bridges (4-12ft)
  • No Post Foot Bridges (4-20ft)
  • Short Garden Bridges (4-8ft)
  • and Many More Options

Pond Garden Bridges: What to Consider when Purchasing

Let’s review the details of what to consider when purchasing a backyard bridge. There are many factors that will alter your decision and you should weigh the pros vs. cons of the type of bridge. Joe states that customers can have very high expectations and are surprised how a bridge looks in their backyard.

“For instance, you may have seen a beautiful Garden Bridge that you think would look perfect for a corner in the garden but then looked ridiculous when you finally had it.” So remember to take your time when deciding how, where, and when to place your bridge.

  • How You Will Use It ? There are many home furnishings and bridges which are pleasant to the sight but think functionally. How will you use this bridge in your yard or garden? Is it for walking over or just a decoration?
  • Where Will it Go? The bridge may look good in the photo but think about where you will be placing it in your property. You do not need to have a body of water in your property to build a bridge and it can be purely for decoration or to cross a gap within your Koi pond / water garden.
  • What is the Length? If you want it to be perfect in the right setting you need to take necessary measurements. When placing over a Koi pond you will want a longer bridge for stability but can use a short span bridge when using as a decorative element. Most builders like Joe at Redwood Garden Bridges custom-make your bridge based on your measurements.
  • Any other Details? Other than length you will need to decide on different designs and styles like single vs. double rails or the type of wood that would look good in your backyard. California Redwood is the obvious choice by Joe.

3D – Our Favorite Way to Display a New Bridge Design

Wow – now this is by far the coolest way to view a future design. Ultimately it is best to see an example of the bridge in person, but we can not always be in the same area. When designing custom garden bridges, compare all aspects of your design, location, and needs. Ask as many questions as possible and make sure to keep your expectations reasonable. Enjoy this 360 degree video walk through of a bridge design.

Featured Pond Bridge – Half Spindle Curved Rail

pond-bridgeThis double-rail bridge with half spindles is hand-built with hand-selected California redwood. The wood and galvanized hardware will provide structure and stability despite being exposed to outdoor elements. This attractive garden bridge features square posts with decorative grooves and vertical spindles attached to a single curving rail. Spherical post tops or Solar lights give the bridge a touch of classic style to complement your pond, creek, stream, or yard.

View more Redwood Garden Bridges on Houzz

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