Summer Pond Care Guide Download

We’ve scoured the internet, conversed with our trusted partners, and listened to our friends on Facebook to compile the best information available for Summer pond care in a comprehensive guide!

Protect Your Fish from Pond Predators

Tips for protecting your pond from predators

Learn about common pond predators, what behaviors to watch for, and practical steps you can take to prevent & protect your fish from becoming dinner! 🙁

Pond Plants to Control Algae & Balance Your Water Garden

Guide to Pond Plants that Help Control Algae

Learn more about how to naturally maintain your ecosystem using pond plants. By acting as a natural filter, pond plants can balance your water garden without harsh chemicals, preventing algae growth while stimulating your pond’s natural health.

Pond Volume Calculator – How to measure a pond’s volume?

How to Measure Pond Volume:The formula used to calculate the volume of water depends on the shape of your pond. Use this table as a guide to determine the inputs you need to use our pond size calculator. What you’ll need: Rope/Twine Electrical Tape Metal/Wooden Stake Weight Square/Rectangle To start:Tie one end of the rope to […]

Preparing Your Pond For Winter

Preparing Your Pond For Winter - Pond Care Tips for Winter

Use this article to help decide if, when, and how you should winterize your pond to ensure a successful opening of your pond in the spring. In a rush? Download our eBook on Winter Pond Care. In this article we’ll cover: To Winterize Your Pond or Shut it Down? Recommendations for Warm to Moderate Temperatures Installing […]

Koi Pond Care for the Summer

In this article, we will walk you through the common issues facing Koi pond owners and then share our best practices for Koi pond care during the Summer months.  

Koi Fish Happiness 101: Developing a Hand-Feeding Friendship

Koi are a great judge of water quality and overall conditions. When you learn to recognize your Koi’s behavioral cues you access valuable information, such as being alerted to changes in the environment. This allows you to be responsive to their needs, which in turn increases their happiness while developing a beautiful pet-owner relationship.

How to Build a Pond from Scratch (the natural way!)

Learn the challenges to avoid and our best success tips to build a pond from scratch. Read this guide before or after you have started construction to find our experts techniques for planning out this large undertaking with grace. Happy ponding!