10 Essential Steps to Open Your Backyard Pond Like a Pro

The winter slumber is over, the birds are chirping, and the sun is warming the earth. It’s that magical time of year when your backyard pond awakens from its frosty nap, yearning for your springtime touch. But before you dive headfirst into pond maintenance, remember, a successful spring opening requires a strategic approach. Just like […]

Restoring Balance After the Storm: Tips for Pond Recovery After Heavy Rain & Flooding

Recent heavy rain and flooding in California have unfortunately impacted many backyard ponds, leaving pond owners worried about their beloved koi and the overall health of their aquatic ecosystem. While the situation might seem daunting, remember, koi are resilient creatures, and with prompt action, you can help your pond recover and thrive again. Assessing the […]

5 Subtle Signs of Spring in Your Backyard Pond


While a blanket of snow might still cling to the ground, life beneath the surface of your backyard pond is quietly stirring. March, though often perceived as winter’s lingering holdout, actually marks the preliminary whispers of spring within this miniature aquatic ecosystem. Forget waiting for vibrant flowers or buzzing bees; the real magic lies in […]

8 Ways to Enjoy Your Pond This Winter

While summer paints our backyard ponds with vibrant life and bustling activity, winter often gets written off as a season of slumbering water and forgotten beauty. But hold on, nature enthusiasts! Winter transforms our ponds into enchanting landscapes, holding a unique magic rarely appreciated. Let’s ditch the worries about pumps and filters for a moment […]

5 Reasons Why Rock Waterfalls Are a Must-Have for Your Backyard Pond

Owning a backyard pond is more than just having a pretty water feature. It’s about creating a miniature ecosystem, a haven for wildlife, and a source of tranquility for you. But what can take your pond from lovely to truly life-giving? A rock waterfall. These cascading beauties aren’t just decorative. They bring a symphony of […]

The Chill of Winter: Keeping Your Koi Cozy When the Temperature Drops

Picture this: crisp frost paints the air, sunlight dances on a frozen pond, and beneath the icy surface, your beloved koi glide in a silent ballet. Winter has arrived, and with it, the unique challenge of caring for your pond’s prized residents. Fear not, fellow koi enthusiasts! Just like those fish gracefully navigating the chill, […]

Reimagining Your Backyard Oasis in 2024

Remember childhood summers spent chasing dragonflies around emerald ponds, giggling as tadpoles darted between your toes? That timeless allure of still water, alive with secrets and whispers, endures. But for those of us lucky enough to call a backyard pond our own, the question lingers: How do we keep our aquatic haven fresh and inspiring […]

Cascading Serenity: Rock Waterfalls vs. Aerators for a Thriving Backyard Oasis

Remember that childhood thrill of splashing through a babbling brook, the cool spray misting your face as you chased after sunbeams dancing on the water? Now imagine recreating that magic in your own backyard, with a rock waterfall cascading into your beloved pond. It’s more than just a whimsical addition; it’s a transformative element that […]

Why So Many Fail at Koi Pond Keeping

The main reasons why people fail at koi pond keeping and how to create a thriving ecosystem for your fish. We’ll also provide some tips on how to maintain good water quality and keep your fish healthy.

6 Best Algae Eating Fish for Ponds

koi pond

In this article, we’ll discuss our 6 favorite algae eaters for ponds and how to choose the best fish based on your pond’s size, water conditions, and cohabitants. Each fish description also has a video where you can watch them swim. Happy Ponding!