Summer Pond Care Guide Download

We’ve scoured the internet, conversed with our trusted partners, and listened to our friends on Facebook to compile the best information available for Summer pond care in a comprehensive guide!

Winter Pond Care Guide Download

Download our winter pond care guide featuring interviews with industry experts to learn winter pond care tips and unique ideas from the professionals for managing fish, plants, technology, and water quality during the fall/winter months.

Christian’s Video Diary of a 3,500 Gallon Koi Pond

In this video diary series, Christian Shostle uses his 3,500 gallon holding pond to show the benefits of using Nualgi. By filling his holding pond with spirulina powder and other supplements to make the water turn as green as possible.

Koi Show Grand Champions Use Nualgi Ponds

Koi champion with nualgi ponds

We had the pleasure of visiting the SD Koi Show and meeting it’s Grand Champion. To our excitement, we learned Chien Lee was already using Nualgi Ponds in his water and had been for 6 months without a UV filter!

Nualgi Nanotechnology: Past, Present, and Future

As humans we will continue to pollute our environment and research shows that toxic algae bloom incidents around the world are increasing at an alarming rate. Our nanotechnology has a unique opportunity to combat these global outbreaks and save our waterways with a natural solution. Read on to learn about the past and future direction of this breakthrough technology.

Golden Empire Koi Show Review & Hand Painted Koi Pictures

The 15th Annual Golden Empire Koi Show was presented by the Bakersfield Koi & Water Garden Society on Oct. 24th through Oct. 26th, 2014. Each year this event is held at the Kern County Fair Grounds in combination with the Fall Home Show. During the event we met many new friends in the hobby and had the pleasure of introducing them to Nualgi Ponds as an alternative to harmful algaecides for algae removal. In this article, we recap our experience and share the many photos we took throughout the Koi Show.

Koi Fish & Water Garden Show in South Carolina

“The neat thing about being interested in Koi and water gardens is that you can start small, but there is no limit to where you can go with it. And, Koi people love to help others learn. I see this time and time again at various events

Koi & Water Garden Show Celebrates 23 Years

We attended the 23rd annual koi and water garden show in Bothell, WA on Sept. 5- Sept. 7th to learn more about the society’s involvement in the community as well as to inform the group of how Nualgi Ponds can improve the quality of their Koi Fish. All in all, it was a fun and educational time, even for the kids at the show! In this article, find out some of the lessons we learned and the amazing people we met within the pond community.