Patience is key!

One of our latest success stories comes from an Amazon customer. But success didn’t happen overnight. It’s a great example of the patience required when dealing with a natural pond environment.  This user who goes by “Duck” was having concerns over the efficacy of Natural Pond Cleaner and Beneficial Bacteria. However once he contacted our […]

Completely eliminated my string algae problem!

This product was critical to dealing with my string algae problem, but it cannot do the job alone. If your pond has too many fish or you feed them too much, the pond’s marginal plants are never going to be able to keep up with the excessive nitrogen burden. Consequently, you will always have algae […]

Kari H. – “No longer spending big bucks running an ion filter”

Backyard pond with triangle sun shade -Kari H

“Our pond is built with gradually tapered walls of cement block set on poured footings and holds a little over 6,000 gallons. There are a dozen koi that call this pond home plus 4 babies that have survived since we re-homed all the goldfish. The plants and surroundings are a constant work in progress but […]

Jim D. – From murky green water to clear water

“Water became clear from murky green after using your product.” – Jim D. Jim’s kidney-shaped pond is approximately 12 feet wide by 20 feet long with ~3,000 gallon circulated with a waterfall powered by 4000 gph Sequence (brand) pump. He tells us that this pond is home to a dozen Koi, a few comets, and […]

Larry M. – “Fish are moving, spring is finally here.”

” I use Nualgi and have found it to be the best thing I’ve found safe for the fish. – Larry M.” Larry has always been worried for the fish in his pond, as the algae created a bad ecosystem for them to live. After he got rid of them, now he is completely stress-free […]

Montry T.- “I tried it and it did clear the water”

“Depth of pond, the bottom layer, the reflection of the sun, might make it hard to see the complete effect of Nualgi. – Montry T.” Montry stayed patient with his pond until he received the proper results using Nualgi clearing the water from soup green to transparent. May 19, 2015 ” Montry shared with us […]