Jim D. – From murky green water to clear water

“Water became clear from murky green after using your product.” – Jim D. Jim’s kidney-shaped pond is approximately 12 feet wide by 20 feet long with ~3,000 gallon circulated with a waterfall powered by 4000 gph Sequence (brand) pump. He tells us that this pond is home to a dozen Koi, a few comets, and […]

Larry M. – “Fish are moving, spring is finally here.”

” I use Nualgi and have found it to be the best thing I’ve found safe for the fish. – Larry M.” Larry has always been worried for the fish in his pond, as the algae created a bad ecosystem for them to live. After he got rid of them, now he is completely stress-free […]

Montry T.- “I tried it and it did clear the water”

“Depth of pond, the bottom layer, the reflection of the sun, might make it hard to see the complete effect of Nualgi. – Montry T.” Montry stayed patient with his pond until he received the proper results using Nualgi clearing the water from soup green to transparent. May 19, 2015 ” Montry shared with us […]