How to Deal With Carpet Algae

Koi fish pond

A Nualgi user recently wrote to us about their pond. While the water was crystal clear, there seemed to be quite a bit of algae or “Pond Carpet” on the rocks at the bottom. One of our pond experts was able to provide advice on the right steps to take to get things back on […]

Advice on Starting Up My Pond?

If you have a pond, you’ve likely had to deal with algae in some form or another. One of the most stubborn forms of algae is string algae.  While it’s a general rule that most of the heavy lifting to remove string algae is manual work, Nualgi Ponds products are here in your fight against […]

Cold Water String Algae Q&A

At Nualgi Ponds, we pride ourselves on helping any and all ponds thrive. We recently had a customer write in who was struggling with String Algae in his pond even in cooler weather. He provided us with a detailed account of his situation and our pond expert promptly replied. Customer Query: String Algae blooming in […]

“We can easily see the bottom of our pond!”

There’s nothing we love more than a pond success story. Nobody wants to deal with a murky pond full of algae that doesn’t let you see your beautiful fish. That’s exactly what Jenifer was dealing with before she started dosing a combination of Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner and Beneficial Bacteria. In addition to achieving the […]

“Tried for years to control algae!”

We love nothing more than natural pond success stories. Too many pond owners struggle endlessly to get rid of algae. All we really want is a clean clear pond to enjoy, and a healthy environment for our fish.  That’s why we were so pleased to hear from Bedelia. Bedelia uses Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria & Nualgi […]

“Crystal Clear Water & Healthy Koi!”

We recently received this testimonial from Dana O who is from Sacramento CA. Dana uses Natural Pond Cleaner, Beneficial Bacteria, Muck Remover & Organic Digester…

“Excited to finally see my fish again!”

Pond projects can be stressfull, especially with the impact changing your entire pond liner can have on the established ecosystem of your water and aquatic life. We’re soo happy to hear  “I really wish I would have taken a before picture. I replaced the liner in my 14×16 pond. I pretty much expected my pond […]

“I can see my fish after just 2 weeks!”

There are few things we love more than a happy customer and a clear pond! Getting natural results and knowing you’re keeping your aquatic friends and any other wildlife safe is a great feeling. When Marlene wrote in to share her success story, we just had to turn around and share it with you! After […]

“20 years as a Koi Pond farmer”

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We were super excited to receive these kind words from David on Amazon who titled his review “Change of mind”. As a Koi Farmer for 20 years, it can’t be easy to change your ways, but David was able to completely eliminate the use of his UV filter. We’re just happy the result was healthy […]

Scientifically designed and super easy to use!

Took a whole month, then BAM! All clear. Amazing. Tried this after beneficial bacteria we were using (Microbe Lift) was helping but not completely keeping things under control. We started using this in conjunction with it, and only needed 2 drops each week for our pond size. We had our doubts the first few weeks […]