Toxic Algae Incidents Across the World

We have found a lot of damage across the world from toxic algae blooms and copper sulfate, which is the most commonly used water treatment by government bodies. This article is not meant to scare, but rather to inform our audience of the growing algae problem that is infecting our pets, children and the future of the world’s waterways.

Pond Aeration: How to Choose the Right Aerator

fountain pond aerator

Learn the many benefits to installing a mechanism in your pond for aeration. Not only is it essential for your fish, plants, and shrimp to receive well oxygenated water for survival, but it also adds a tranquil feature to your…

Protect Your Pond’s pH Levels From The Effects of Rain

Aquatic life can be at risk following acid rain fall. The process to protect is quite simple, but can be deadly for your fish and plants if unchecked. Learn more about the cause of acid rain and what you can do to maintain a good pH level.

Blue-Green Algae in your Pond: Warning Signs and Solutions

pet blue green algae toxicity

What exactly is Blue Green Algae? This article discusses the dangers of blue green algae in your pond, water garden, river, lake, and other waterways. Warning signs of blue green algae and common causes, as well as solutions for pond algae control.

Pond Algae Control

pond cleaner and removal of algae

Controlling nuisance algae is vital to the health of your pond. Balancing out your pond naturally will lead to better long term results than quick fixes. Do your research and learn what product or combination of solutions will best benefit your fish, plants, and overall pond health.