Case Studies & Testimonials

We’ve helped thousands of pond lovers over the years achieve the crystalclear, hasslefree pond of their dreams. But don’t just take our word for it. Read on to hear from some of our dedicated users.

Something incredible happened! That very dark green thick water in my 3000 gallon holding pond I mentioned cleared by 60% in less than 14 hours after I added a couple more ingredients and I am fairly certain the nualgi had a role in the situation. I added the ingredients to 200 gallons of green water that I was using Nualgi in with no visible results one afternoon and a couple sorry days later the water is clear as bottled spring water! I am extremely amazed to say the least and wish to set up some more control tests to confirm whether or not my jackpot combo is for real. I haven’t experienced such a rapid change in all my years save for using 35% peroxide which doesn’t compare because that leaves water clouded somewhat whereas I have drinking water clear vessels in a couple sorry days now. It is rather like magic! Again, Thank you and I’ll be in touch.
pond water chemistry enthusiast
Christian S.
Cali Koi