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People across the world are using Nualgi Ponds to control pond algae, improve fish health, prevent new pond syndrome, and balance the natural food chain in their water. We’ve had the chance to catch up with a few of our users and learn how they treat their koi ponds, maintain water gardens, and remove waterway pollution.


Did You Know? Nualgi Ponds is Safe for Fish, Plants, Amphibians, Birds & Pets!

Jim D. – From murky green water to clear water

Jim D. – From murky green water to clear water

"Water became clear from murky green after using your product." - Jim D. Jim's kidney-shaped pond is approximately 12 feet wide by 20 feet long with ~3,000 gallon circulated with a waterfall powered by 4000 gph Sequence (brand) pump. He tells us that this pond is home...


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I put the first dose in my pond on Tuesday and two days later I can already see a difference. A lot harder for my fish to hide from me now!

Amrita R.

Nualgi works great. The cleanest my pond has ever been!

K hall

this stuff is truly amazing!!! I have used it for 2 years now–just ordered some for my aquarium—don’t know why i waited so long!!!

Gail S.

I am truly amazed that my pond IS crystal clear! So for now I am a believer and this stuff does work! My parents pond has always been murky and I am going to try a dose in their pond today to see if it clears their up too! But for now, it’s worth every penny!”

Gina J.

After 2 weeks it has cleared up. You couldn’t even see the fish in there. I’m amazed, I can see to the bottom. I’m seeing improvements in that short amount of time

Amber C.

The water is clearer now. Less work, less time cleaning the filters. Thank you!

Ladyann H.

An amazing product, so impressed!

Conrad W.

I am simply amazed at how much clearer the water is after only 48 hours! Look forward to showing my results as they progress.

Larkin B.

It worked so well when I got it right, that I was cleaning a full filter twice daily. Thank you for a great product that is easy to use. Now I must remember to start my pond with this in the spring.

Molly C.

I got a bottle, came home, put a small amount in my pond and did a partial water change. Then my water was crystal gin clear, before I used this I couldnt even see my fish. It was full of algae blooms. It only took about 1 day.

Joe G.

Owner, Redwood Garden Bridges

If you ask me how the Nualgi product works, I would say just fine. The ones you might want to ask live below water line.. The toad was easy, they adapt, but the frog wants things just right. He seems satisfied : )

Don A.

I own a pond store in Oregon, a customer introduced me to this product which I ordered today. I can’t wait to see the results for myself so I can sell and recommend this product! The difference it made in the pond and it’s fish I have seen are AMAZING!

Stephen G.

Finally found something that will keep my pond clear. Working great up to this point. So easy to use and great results. So glad I found Nualgi. Would recommend it in an instant.

Joe T.

Took 2 weeks but my pond is crystal clear don’t have to put a canopy over the pond this year! Love it!!

Cheryl B.

“I have a pond in Pasadena that is so clear after dosing with Nualgi that it fits your description of “Gin Clear” – Feb 26, 2015

“Much better in one pond where I started to use bacteria along with Nualgi! I saw a pond yesterday that I service once per week and was again amazed by the clarity! It was like looking through liquid glass!” – April 10, 2015


It is working great! I just love this stuff!!!! My pond is clear!

Wanda W.

It Worked! Amazingly clear after 8 days of treatment.

Mike M.

Amazingly, this product started ridding my algae the 2nd day. I had string algae on my plants, & liner… Gone! I will continue to buy this product.

Tara W.

Something incredible happened! That very dark green thick water in my 3000 gallon holding pond I mentioned cleared by 60% in less than 14 hours after I added a couple more ingredients and I am fairly certain the nualgi had a role in the situation. I added the ingredients to 200 gallons of green water that I was using Nualgi in with no visible results one afternoon and a couple sorry days later the water is clear as bottled spring water! I am extremely amazed to say the least and wish to set up some more control tests to confirm whether or not my jackpot combo is for real. I haven’t experienced such a rapid change in all my years save for using 35% peroxide which doesn’t compare because that leaves water clouded somewhat whereas I have drinking water clear vessels in a couple sorry days now. It is rather like magic! Again, Thank you and I’ll be in touch.

Christian S.

Great product!!! Building water chemistry from the macro level up

James K.

It has seemed to help me maintain my pond with great easy this year. I have not had to use algaecide as much.

Alvina S.

My water was never cloudy or green but I had a problem with string algae. I didn’t even use it on a regular basis but it really helped with the algae. I can just imagine how my pond would look if I used it faithfully. I’ve recommended it to several people already. It has also saved me lots of dollars in chemicals and other treatments!

Lynne C.

Love this product. I will be re-ordering. Works wonders, I even use it my bird bath!

Diane B.

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