Bill N. – Very Clear Water & Less UV Light

“I am in the fourth week of testing Nualgi with excellent results.”

We originally met Bill N. at the Gardena Koi Show in California where he bought Nualgi Ponds to review for his Koi Club. It is with great pleasure that we can report he recommends Nualgi and is using his UV light far less.

In the below letter we received from Bill, he goes into detail about how he dosed Nualgi Ponds and the experience he had with his pond water quality and clarity.

“I believe the outcome will be consistently clear water, less algae, less maintenance and will save electricity without the UV light going 24/7.”

“We have had Koi ponds for over twenty years and have been members of the Koi Club for one year. I started by unplugging the UV light and giving the pond a double dose of Nualgi, exactly as instructed. I took about a gallon of water from the pond and added 2 ml of Nualgi per 1000 gallons of water. I then distributed the mixture around the perimeter of the pond. After the transition, the dose will be 1 ml per 1000 gallons.

In the fourth week the water fluctuates between very clear – the clearest I have ever had – and acceptably cloudy. My understanding is the cloudiness is due to algae dying off and will clear once gone. During the transition, the filter will need to be cleaned more often due to the gradually dying algae.”


I recommend Nualgi. – Bill N. of San Diego Koi Club


Did You Know: Koi Champions Use Nualgi Ponds

Koi champion shown with his holding tank in san diegoWe had the pleasure of visiting the SD Koi Show and meeting it’s Grand Champion.

To our excitement, we learned Chien Lee was already using Nualgi Ponds in his water and had been for 6 months without a UV filter!

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