Advice on Starting Up My Pond?

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If you have a pond, you’ve likely had to deal with algae in some form or another. One of the most stubborn forms of algae is string algae.  While it’s a general rule that most of the heavy lifting to remove string algae is manual work, Nualgi Ponds products are here in your fight against this pond nemesis!

Recently a Nualgi Ponds customer wrote in asking about spring maintenance as it relates to string algae removal.

Nancy asked:

I need advice on starting up my pond again, when spring comes. Waterfall is down, and pump is removed. I run an aerator and deicer all winter.

After I kill the string algae, the rocks have a lot of dead material, lying on them. What should I do?

Our Pond Expert was here to help:

Getting debris up and out will need to be done manually. That is if you wish instant gratification. Vacuum or hire a pond service.
Secondary would be using Nualgi Organic Digester to chip it down.
If you have the pond cleaned out, the use of Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner and Nualgi Organic Digester through the year will prevent build up of sediments.
As soon as ice is gone for the season, restart your system and use Organic Digester until water reaches 45F. At that temp begin Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner weekly until water reaches 58F and then stack Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria weekly.
Once water is +65F, include Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria doses every two weeks. The other products continue weekly until 70F where Organic Digester then doses bi-weekly and Beneficial Bacteria will dose monthly.
Perform 25% weekly water changes with dechlorinator and the season should be great!
Happy Ponding!


If you have any pond issues or questions, scroll down to talk to one of our pond experts today! 

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