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Many people have asked us when Nualgi Ponds will be available at your local pond & garden store…well – we are now expanding rapidly throughout the nation!

New stores will be added each week as soon as they register, so if you don’t see your local fish store on the list, don’t worry you can help!


Take a look at the growing list of local stores where you can buy Nualgi Ponds!

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161) Exotic Aquatics Inc

Exotic Aquatics began in 1989 with a passion and desire to gain as much knowledge as possible about water gardening. Their journey started as a hobby and by late 1990 Brenda began to get phone calls to consult on problems with ponds. Pet stores and nurseries referred clients to them because they did not understand pond ecology and the plants that went into them or the installation process of a pond. Years of studying, reading, countless hours spent with experts and 20 years of field experience have earned them the right to say that they are the most knowledgeable company in the Savannah area when it comes to designing, installing, stocking, maintaining or repairing a pond, water garden or fountain. Exotic Aquatics designs both formal and informal ponds and water features. They fully understand and carry out the installation and long term maintenance of any water feature and have extensive knowledge in all types of pumps, filtration, water quality, water plants, Koi and goldfish.

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559 Mendel Ave, Savannah, GA 31406, USA

162) Big Racquette Landscape Supply

Big Racquette Inc is a year round full service landscaping company. We offer mowing services landscaping Plowing and Rinox and Belgard Hardscapes.

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163) Desert Pond Services

Desert Pond Services specializes in pond cleaning/repair, algae control, beneficial bacteria, water clarity treatments, and aquatic plant care/sale.

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