Introducing Nualgi Ponds

Clear Nuisance Algae & Restore the Natural Balance In Your Habitat!

Your pond is a beautiful sanctuary that needs protection and care.

This tranquil habitat is a departure from the hustle and bustle of life. Whether you cultivate a water garden, care for fish, or simply relax and observe nature at work, maintaining a balanced habit can be very rewarding.

BUT, nuisance algae is a constant threat to your pond and its inhabitants if not properly controlled.

This creeping green menace is threatens to mask the beauty of your pond and crowd out other natural wildlife. Traditional algae control methods may seem to remove nuisance algae at first, but can have negative long-term side effects. This can make pond maintenance appear overwhelming, but with the right formula, you can protect your pond by improving its natural nitrogen cycle.

Easily take control of your habitat with Nualgi Ponds.

Relax and stop stressing over pond maintenance! Take control of the world you work hard to maintain by treating your pond with Nualgi Ponds, our breakthrough micronutrient supplement for improved water quality, algae control, and odor removal. By using Nualgi Ponds to treat these common difficulties, you will naturally and safely improve your environment. Our patented formula reveals more of your pond’s beauty while helping your native pond life thrive.

A Natural Solution is Better for Fish, Plants, and the Environment.

Nualgi Ponds efficiently distributes essential nutrients naturally found in nature rather than dumping harmful chemicals into your water. The essential nutrients restore balance and promote a healthy nitrogen cycle to empower your pond and overcome nuisance algae. Because you are simply balancing nutrients at the nano scale there are none of the negative side effects of traditional algae control methods. No more expensive short-term solutions or harsh chemicals that hurt your pond and environment.

Watch Your Ecosystem Flourish

Within a few days of applying Nualgi Ponds (sometimes hours) you should see a significant improvement in water quality and clarity. Safe for humans, healthy for plants, and good for the environment. Try Nualgi Ponds today and watch your ecosystem flourish!

Try It in Your Pond!


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