Why Maintain the Water Quality of a Koi Pond & How to Do It

koi pond

Koi ponds have long been a symbol of tranquility, with their graceful and vibrantly colored fish gliding through the water, creating a soothing and almost meditative atmosphere. Many homeowners and garden enthusiasts invest in koi ponds to add beauty and serenity to their outdoor spaces.   However, pond maintenance goes beyond design with an efficient filtration […]

“20 years as a Koi Pond farmer”

koi pond

We were super excited to receive these kind words from David on Amazon who titled his review “Change of mind”. As a Koi Farmer for 20 years, it can’t be easy to change your ways, but David was able to completely eliminate the use of his UV filter. We’re just happy the result was healthy […]

Scientifically designed and super easy to use!

Took a whole month, then BAM! All clear. Amazing. Tried this after beneficial bacteria we were using (Microbe Lift) was helping but not completely keeping things under control. We started using this in conjunction with it, and only needed 2 drops each week for our pond size. We had our doubts the first few weeks […]

Patience is key!

One of our latest success stories comes from an Amazon customer. But success didn’t happen overnight. It’s a great example of the patience required when dealing with a natural pond environment.  This user who goes by “Duck” was having concerns over the efficacy of Natural Pond Cleaner and Beneficial Bacteria. However once he contacted our […]

Completely eliminated my string algae problem!

This product was critical to dealing with my string algae problem, but it cannot do the job alone. If your pond has too many fish or you feed them too much, the pond’s marginal plants are never going to be able to keep up with the excessive nitrogen burden. Consequently, you will always have algae […]