Karen Z. – Big & Healthy Koi

My Koi "Sunny" - I of course use Nualgi in my pond too ?

“All I am using in my pond is Nualgi and beneficial bacteria, my fish and plants are thriving! I love it! I’ve been recommending Nualgi to everyone I know who has a pond.” Karen Z. loves to share photos of her backyard water garden and her gorgeous koi with us on our Facebook page. She recently […]

Omar M. – Oasis of Joy

“I was just looking at my crystal clear pond in amazement. I have been using the product for over a year now. I have also stopped using the ultraviolet lights. Water quality is good, the water is clear and my fish are healthier. Thanks Nualgi” – Omar Omar discovered Nualgi Ponds at the Gardena Koi Festival […]