20 years as a Koi Pond farmer

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We were super excited to receive these kind words from David on Amazon who titled his review “Change of mind”. As a Koi Farmer for 20 years, it can’t be easy to change your ways, but David was able to completely eliminate the use of his UV filter. We’re just happy the result was healthy fish and clear water!

“I have been a koi pond farmer for 20 years. I pride myself in water parameter and quality measurement testing. I have used UV sanitization and added Copper ionization in the last 2-3 years. Since adding Diatoms from Nualgi I have turned off my UV and my Cu ionizer. I AM IMPRESSED! This is the first time in 20 years I have been totally natural. The pond looks great, the water clear. The rock bottom has a silky algae coat, but thin. I am thinking of taking the next step and adding Trap door snails.

I think this product can allow you to have a truly natural environment for the benefit of your Koi babies. I love this product.

PS. This time of year (summer – warm) algae usually goes crazy!

Just using some enzymes and pond bacteria”


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