Get Rid of Pond Algae

Naturally Pond of Your Dreams

Eliminate the use of harmful algaecides, expensive UV filters and spot-treating. Nualgi products are 100% safe for the environment and all aquatic life including plants and pets!

Use Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner to treat pond algae, naturally. Even stubborn string algae!

Instead of killing algae, Nualgi promotes the growth of diatoms – Mother Nature’s favorite microscopic cleaners – to recalibrate your pond chemistry & improve the health of the entire ecosystem.

Man-made pond chemicals & UV sterilizers create a dependency that actually weakens your pond biology & prevents natural water chemistry from balancing.

For natural, safe & effective help with algae control and the production of beneficial, sludge-eating bacteria, include the all-natural Nualgi line-up in your pond.

The Ultimate Clear Pond Combo

Nualgi’s family of products work to create a safe, crystal-clear pond, naturally, so you can enjoy your outdoor oasis with less work.

Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner + Beneficial Bacteria work together to recalibrate your pond chemistry. With a small regular dose of both, you give nature the helping hand she needs to rebalance your pond’s ecosystem.

Adding Nualgi Muck Remover helps to naturally eliminate pond muck and sludge, cleaning your pond from the bottom up!

The result? A beautiful crystal-clear pond that is a haven to fish and wildlife – and a joy to sit beside.

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Nualgi Natural Pond Cleaner helps you control pond algae and enjoy crystal-clear water.

All without an algaecide!

Recalibrate your pond chemistry & improve the health of your pond ecosystem.

  • 100% safe for all aquatic life including fish, plants and pets
  • Get rid of string algae for good
  • Create a happy healthy pond environment

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Dave uses Nualgi Beneficial Bacteria and he loves that he no longer needs his expensive UV Filter!

“My pond is crystal clear. I have a great filtration system lately. My UV light went out and I haven’t replaced it because of the beneficial bacteria. I hope this continues during the summer months.”

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